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Abstract Floating table

February 14, 2011 By: septa Category: Tables

Abstract Floating table Abstract Floating table

elbow multifunction table Abstract Floating table

nook coffee table Abstract Floating table

storage table book Abstract Floating table

We know in general is usually a table is round or square. But this time the table wasn’t as usual. Table designed by Dave Picket has a form of abstract and floating on the one side there is the storage of books. This table visible illusion and imagination will play a power us. With materials made of wood, this desk design is complex. In every corner of the table can be used for a variety of activities. You can work on one side of the table, but when you are bored you can read books that are stored neatly in the corner of another table that serves as a shelf of books. When you are bored and need a moment to relax, then in another corner of the table already there waiting for a cup of hot coffee to drink.

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