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Ancient Beds from Indonesia

December 06, 2010 By: septa Category: Beds

Ancient Beds Ancient Beds from Indonesia

royal classic bed Ancient Beds from Indonesia

simple bed Ancient Beds from Indonesia

wood bed Ancient Beds from Indonesia

Indonesia is known as a tropical country, so many quality wood is produced from this country. Of the wood that grows for many years and this quality also produced high quality furniture. Most of the craftsmen furniture making antique and ancient bed of the wood material. Various carvings from various regions in Indonesia increasingly make rich furniture produced. The older the wood used and the more intricate carvings on the bed which made it more expensive price. For those of you who want to display old-fashioned impression on your bed and put it in the bedroom, do not worry if you do not like too much carving. With just varnished will produce a bed of ancient and antique quality with classic colors. You can also combine this bed with a variety of knick knacks that give an impression of nature and the antique in the bedroom. Like the flower vase of pottery, sculptures, aromatherapy, chair typical of Indonesia, etc. If it is not like a lot of things smelling ethnicity, then you can combine this ancient bed into your modern bedroom.

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