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Arachnida Lounge Chair

December 12, 2010 By: septa Category: Chairs

Arachnida Lounge Chair Arachnida Lounge Chair

comfort elegant chair Arachnida Lounge Chair

transparent chair Arachnida Lounge Chair

white lounge chair Arachnida Lounge Chair

The chair, designed by Italian designer named Giancarlo Vegni was inspired by a spider. Lounge Chairs are trying to play our imagination. The spider has 4 pairs of long legs of this work is written in a form of art contemporary chair. Arachnida Lounge Chair frame is made of acrylic with a comfortable leather cushions. Cushions comes in several colors including: white, gray, and black satin. Acrylic frame is almost invisible so it will attract the attention of people when placed spacious sitting room. Frame that serves as the legs of this chair makes the chair sturdy and reliable, so it does not have to worry about fell off the chair when you’re relaxing. Sitting in this chair seemed to make our imagination becomes Spiderman.

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