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Ballerina Chair

December 10, 2010 By: septa Category: Chairs

Ballerina Chair Ballerina Chair

Unique white curved chair Ballerina Chair

Chairs designed by a designer from New York is very elegant and sexy when viewed from the side, but looked very strong when viewed from the front. Like the human figures reflect a different, then be made to design a chair like this by the designer. As if to illustrate two seats from a gender perspective, then our imagination will be invited to play when saw this chair from different angles. Chairs made of oak wood and veneer coast, has a neat appearance of this emphasis on art. Foot curve seat tilt and attractive design gives the beauty and energy of its own. It looks sleek and slippery, the perfection of form regardless of angle, it can be said of this design is a modern stylish interior design. Chair ballerina can be placed at each corner of the room.

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