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Beaver Carving Chair

December 10, 2010 By: septa Category: Chairs

beaver bite chair Beaver Carving Chair

Beaver Carving chair Beaver Carving Chair

natural unique chair Beaver Carving Chair

This chair looks like garbage that is not feasible. But this chair is so amazing when present in bright colors or natural to follow the original. It is very tempting to look deeper into this chair. Inspired by the bite of the beaver, makes this seat has its own artistic value. Dynamic feeling and without regularity yield an interesting work. Actually the wood is often we see when we’re enjoy the natural scenery. It never occurred to us to make it also by the valuable works of art, such as a chair. Is a Polish designer of Mowo Studio try to observe the work the Beaver and imitate it to make a wood carving in exactly the what is done beaver. The result was not disappointing when the chair was given a brightly colored paint or natural. Seats are on initially refuse to be a display that also functions as a chair next to your bed.

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