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Bed at Your Desk

December 05, 2010 By: septa Category: Beds

bedroom office Bed at Your Desk

bedroom wall Bed at Your Desk

hidden bedroom Bed at Your Desk

unique rooms Bed at Your Desk

Rarely thought about it by us to make a bed with desk and cupboard. For those who want things simple and can be done in one place, this furniture can be chosen from the many existing furniture. Why? Because the furniture is made a function of several functions of furniture that originally had a separate function from each other and have become interrelated functions that support each other. The cabrio In By clei is one solution that combines a horizontal bed and a desk. If you fatigue while working then you can pull the inner side of your desk and make a comfortable bed to rest a moment and eliminate fatigue. With a variety of color choices this cabrio may give different shades in the room with the sweet and beautiful without having to think of the space such as filling the room in general.

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