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Birdcage Chair

June 14, 2011 By: septa Category: Chairs

Birdcage Chair Birdcage Chair

Family Bench Birdcage Chair

Le Porc Shop Birdcage Chair

Mexican furniture Birdcage Chair

Mexican handicrafts Birdcage Chair

Spain Bench Birdcage Chair

Valentin Garal Birdcage Chair

Seats for bird enthusiasts who may work or activities with pets. Is one form of love between humans and animals that make up within a family. Designed by Valentin Garal from Spain to design a bench that is a collaboration with Le Porc-Shop. Furniture is the result of Mexican handicrafts that combine cage made of solid wood. The treatment is done relatively easy and here will be visible between the meeting point and social relationships between humans and animals.

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