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Colorful Original Rubik Desk

June 24, 2011 By: septa Category: Tables

Colorful Original Rubik Desk Colorful Original Rubik Desk

Game Cube has worldwide even some inspiration from the furniture to implement this game. Indeed, this game requires intelligence and skill. Inspiration was developed with a color that affixed a small plastic that require high accuracy. This table is part of the Rubik modified with a unique shape. This is due to furniture lovers are not too bored with a model that resembles a Rubik. Though the game has been famous Rubik long time and until now has made progress in this game.

Original Rubik Desk Colorful Original Rubik Desk

Such a cube may be used as a sidetable or even a chair. Then when you don’t use it as a table you can take it and try to solve the puzzle. Originally it was a plastic cube made of 26 smaller parts that could spin around their axes. A very interesting piece for any room .

rubiks cube table Colorful Original Rubik Desk

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