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Cool Swings Dining Table

January 12, 2011 By: septa Category: Tables

Cool Swings Dining Table Cool Swings Dining Table

fly chair Cool Swings Dining Table

magic dining Cool Swings Dining Table

swing chair Cool Swings Dining Table

Furniture design is of course reminds us of our childhood first. Hammock often we play in childhood, maybe even up to now even if we view it certainly will be tempted to swing. From here the idea of making dinner table swinging originated. The dining table has a structure swinging four pillars that support the lights and eight chairs. In the middle there is a table, swinging as well. Eight people can gather at the dinner table this swing. Maybe for those not familiar will be difficult because there will be minor incidents such as crashing into between friends and the table. The dining table is great fun, but can not be denied that this furniture has a weakness. Of course, liquid food can not be placed on the dining table of this type because sooner or later the food will spill onto the floor. But dinner at the swings dining table will be very enjoyable and full of joy.

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