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Cozy Sofa Bricks

January 02, 2011 By: septa Category: Sofa

comfortable sofa Cozy Sofa Bricks

Cozy Sofa Bricks Cozy Sofa Bricks

sofa cushion arrangement Cozy Sofa Bricks

soft sofa Cozy Sofa Bricks

Pillows piled high with the aesthetics of art turns out to produce artwork in the form of a sofa that resembles a brick. Artwork at a glance just looks like a pile of pillows, the pile was very neat, nice, and of course comfortable to sit on it. Sofa brick is made of three rectangular patterns of different sizes and stacked into a single, among other things a small rectangle, a rectangle of medium size, and a large square for the base seat. The idea was conceived by Copenhagen Kibisi Designers who work with new companies Versus seat Denmark. Interior of contemporary minimalist design that completes your room.

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