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Creative Chair of used goods

September 03, 2010 By: septa Category: Chairs

creative toy chair Creative Chair of used goods

former chair plastic Creative Chair of used goods

scrap chair Creative Chair of used goods

On the 50th anniversary of the world’s most famous chair

the Panton chair in the “best Panton chair’s redesigns

. Chair on display is the chair of the design

re-chair from secondhand goods

affixed to the chair so the chair looks crowded

and unique. Terdapt creative impression when we see

how unique differences that are packaged and used goods

put together to beautify this chair. Materials

affixed on this chair brochures, notes, boxes of pasta,

stickers, plastic lid, toys, packaging, cardboard,

aluminum, CDs, bottles, plastic bags. This chair

was made not to be used as function

tp chair just as a decoration or a rebound from

a creative idea. via

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