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Diamond Hanging Lamp – Marchetti Illuminazione

August 16, 2010 By: septa Category: Lamp

Diamond Hanging Lamp Diamond Hanging Lamp   Marchetti Illuminazione

Diamond lights up Diamond Hanging Lamp   Marchetti Illuminazione

Marchetti Illuminazione company has strong links to the modern environment. In a different room lighting and offers plenty of modern lights and even luxury. Latest collection consists of floor, ceiling and wall lights. All the lights are as elegant as a contemporary item can only be. Each of them can not only lighting the room, but also a wonderful decoration is brilliant. During the creation of this designer lamp has renovated an ancient mosaic techniques and combined with contemporary technology and design. The cylinder base completely closed by a small triangle semitransparent mirror and from the bottom is enriched by a cascade of interesting with Bohemian crystal. Reflecting light from each crystal and makes the game interesting color that looks like a rainbow and provide plenty of light.

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