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Faces Bookshelves

October 27, 2011 By: septa Category: Bookcases

face bookshelves Faces Bookshelves

Faces Bookshelves are much in demand by children because of a form of expression that describes the joy. The function of this bookcase with shelves of other books, which distinguishes only form. By the designer Alexi McCarthy designed a cheerful storage for books and small objects. Face bookcase can also be a motivation for your child when taking a book on the shelf and will return it.

Facebook furniture Faces Bookshelves

Faces Bookshelves represent some part of a rack arranged into a single unit face shape. This rack is made from wood that has been crushed on the edges and paint coated wood. Staining is simply a part of the destination rack. It is intended that the color of the shelves according to your taste.

smile bookcase Faces Bookshelves

Placement as the interior of your home environment is very influential with the situation you, among other bedrooms, den and family room. This rack will always remind us to always be smiling wherever you are. Because a smile is a part of our lives that will bring happiness.

Unique face bookcase Faces Bookshelves

Imagining a facial expression of happiness on the wall will feel the combination of the various books that will trigger your taste to create something happy.

unique storage book Faces Bookshelves

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