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Fashionable Round White Table

December 10, 2010 By: septa Category: Tables

Fashionable Round White Table Fashionable Round White Table

ufo white table Fashionable Round White Table

Round table is very common to find. But the table was different from the other table. Not only the shape but also how to lay the basis of this table. At first glance this looks like a ufo table. Table with a somewhat hollow form in and on it placed a gray glass can serve a twofold purpose. Base material under the round table is made of white lacquered fiberglass. Section cavity desk can be a place to put the decoration, where we become not have to worry if we broke because of the decoration that is wide enough area. Moreover, it can also serve to put a magazine or newspaper that one day we can take if we want to read it. When the magazine was disheveled not a problem because it will make it more unique table. White round table can be combined with any other seat, without having to be afraid to mix and match with a chair that does not comply with this table. It does not have a stool but the seat sofa brown boxes or silver colored chairs can also be combined with this table. Retro-style house was to make this table as one of the furniture options to enhance your living room.

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