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Flame Spider Tables

February 23, 2011 By: septa Category: Tables

Flame Spider Tables Flame Spider Tables

Table with a display element of fire on it now can we have encountered in the design of this table. Doesn’t display the element of fire danger on the table? Is it safe for your child? Perhaps a question like this that will continue to appear in your mind. Of course the design table fire spider is very safe to be placed in the family room or living room without having to fear your child hurt. This table uses elements of thin steel and glass table and the cylinder above it where there is a thin material and a small lamp that resembles the color of fire so that when the lights turned on as if the paper is like a fire burning in a candle. This table is also very beautiful for you to use a dinner with your spouse you love on Valentine’s Day, because this table to create a romantic and intimate atmosphere. The round shape will make you become more familiar and get to know your partner more.

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