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Frame Line Chair

October 08, 2011 By: septa Category: Chairs

elegant chairs Frame Line Chair

Frame chair line is one of the simplest form of seat which is the development of furniture design. Designer Michael Samoriz produce a design of a simple chair combined with a color that resembles a line of frames with bright colors and dark colors. Umbra Design Studio based in the design of this chair is more elegant than other seats. The initial concept is offered that is how old-fashioned wooden chairs with a modern, elegant chairs. Line which is the seat frame punctuated by different colored lines.

Frame chair line Frame Line Chair

Frame line chair can explore your home by finding the corner to find a place that attracted the room. The idea is to be creative and interesting perspective for those of you lovers of high art. The design of this modern seats to be interesting and creative if you put in your corner. When you place you will see and imagine the creative ideas contained in the frame line chair.

frame simple chair Frame Line Chair

modern creative chair Frame Line Chair

Outline Chair Frame Line Chair

simple wooden chairs Frame Line Chair

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