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Innovation Modern Classics Chairs

August 26, 2011 By: septa Category: Chairs

chair of classical modern Innovation Modern Classics Chairs

Chair classic modern innovation that is different from the others designed by Satoshi Itasaka. Starting from finding a classic chair that is damaged and unused, but because this chair has a history of life, these seats must be magic in many ways that can be used again by the history that is still attached. By fixing the seat back tactic is expected to be able to give new life and a more admirable.

Innovation Modern Classics Chairs Innovation Modern Classics Chairs

Remodel damaged parts on the chair of classical modern innovation is not easy, it requires some skill and precision. The combination of these chairs include a cast of wood with a transparent resin that will reflect two different things that is modern and classic. Some parts are missing or damaged seat backrest and the foot form is the beauty of simplicity to create long objects into new objects. Thus, memories on this seat remains attached even though its been many changes.

Modern Classics Chairs Innovation Modern Classics Chairs

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