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Juice Seat Colors

November 24, 2010 By: septa Category: Chairs

Juice Seat colors Juice Seat Colors

Juice Seat Black Juice Seat Colors

Juice Seat orange Juice Seat Colors

Juice Seat pink Juice Seat Colors

Juice Seat pinks Juice Seat Colors

Inspired by the fresh and natural juice, Angelo Tomaiuolo find its newest product, comfortable seating and colorful.Besides the attractive appearance of this chair also does not require large place to store it. You only have to accumulate it.Also this chair is also easy to move wherever you want. Materials made from gloss bicoloured recycled polycarbonate,but this time comes in transparent versions. Because of attractive designs and colors that can be placed in the garden, patio, family room and lounge.This makes it easy to adapt in various designs as well as outdoor settings.

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