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Lazy Rattan Chair

November 20, 2010 By: septa Category: Chairs

aluminum frame chairs1 Lazy Rattan Chair

basket chair Lazy Rattan Chair

chair craft Lazy Rattan Chair

perforated seat Lazy Rattan Chair

wicker stacking chair Lazy Rattan Chair

Rattan is a unique material which mainly come from Southeast Asia. Why rattan

Unique? Rattan as a plant can grow more than 100 meters long and has 400

different types of species that only about 8% of those who have explored and

used as raw materials for the products of human needs. Another uniqueness of

Rattan is a characteristic of the material itself, strong, and can bend.

You can see how the value of a work of art made from rattan.

Besides, wicker is also very strong. In days of old rattan products are already

almost hard to find but lately modern industry has been using re-

This rattan material. via

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