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Lucky Red Chairs

December 09, 2010 By: septa Category: Chairs

Lucky Red Chairs Lucky Red Chairs

minimalist and elegant chair Lucky Red Chairs

multifunction chairs Lucky Red Chairs

Chairs designed by Matthias Demacker very eyes catching and certainly functional. Chair design that is minimalist but not alter the basic functions of the chair so the writer called it lucky chairs. In this chair all the activities can be done, relax, sleep, work or perform activities that require using a laptop, etc. The seat is shaped like the number nine is a three-dimensional work of imagination is very creative. If the number nine was separated between zero and below the zero line which is round can be used as bed sheets, while the line that makes a perfect nine digits can be used as a place to put the laptop. With the footing four feet, do not worry about this chair can not sustain your body, with a chair leg made of iron will be able to sustain your body perfectly. Certainly no other reason for you to not choose this chair to lounge chair at the same time you make your office chair.

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