Luxury Furniture Design Idea

Furniture Design Idea

Luxurious White Beds

December 06, 2010 By: septa Category: Beds

elegant beds Luxurious White Beds

Luxurious white beds Luxurious White Beds

Unique bed and luxurious white is suitable for those who dream of a luxurious bed. This collection is made different from other styles, one style of Epoch. With not much accent on the upper bed and headboard fabric just big white bed net to make it look more elegance and luxury. Combination of furniture between the bed with bedside tables are also white with a blend of native wood without any other accent the perfect add bedrooms. The beds are quite comfortable with the size and not too high, certainly will not make us hesitate to stay – a long rest at this luxurious bed. Setting the lighting in the room will affect the atmosphere of the bedroom with this luxurious bed. We recommend using a white luminous light because it will further improve our sleep at night.

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