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Minimalist Eggs Table

March 28, 2012 By: septa Category: Tables

egg table1 Minimalist Eggs Table

Eggs table with minimalist modern design makes the attacking animal lovers to some of the furniture store to order it. Created by Polish design studio WamHouse describing some inspiration from the colorful nature in native form as an egg.

eggs table1 Minimalist Eggs Table

This minimalist table eggs will make you imagine a giant egg in your room. Imagination that will be generated for the higher joy of the house. Table eggs are unique minimalist and suitable for contemporary interiors. Besides the model and a shape that resembles an egg, by the designer did not forget to color techniques with an interesting combination to liven up your home. You would think where it will lay eggs, this minimalist desk?

minimalist eggs table1 Minimalist Eggs Table

Minimalist Style White table1 Minimalist Eggs Table

minimalist modern table2 Minimalist Eggs Table

unique minimalist table1 Minimalist Eggs Table

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