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Minimalist Rocky Cupboard

January 05, 2011 By: septa Category: Cupboard

clothes cupboard blue Minimalist Rocky Cupboard

Minimalist Rocky Cupboard Minimalist Rocky Cupboard

This table is still in the design of a set of rocky. No different from any other set of furniture, this cabinet is also full of color without leaving the basic functions of the cabinet. With the arrangement of parts in a nice cabinet, this cabinet looks perfect. Triangle carved designs in different cabinets can be seen from various viewpoints. From the front it looks carved triangle forming a set of triangular and square shape when viewed from top to bottom. Square clusters are forming two rows of rectangles. On the other hand seemed carved triangle prominent, but on the other side of the triangle forming a collection basin. This is called three-dimensional effect of an object. High-end works of art are suitable for luxurious minimalist home.

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