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Minimalist White TV Table

January 15, 2011 By: septa Category: Tables

Elegant white rack Minimalist White TV Table

Minimalist White TV Shelf Minimalist White TV Table

TV table Minimalist White TV Table

unique TV rack Minimalist White TV Table

where television sets and electronic devices Minimalist White TV Table

Shelves furniture is furniture that combines two things that is aesthetic and functional. At first glance this is only normal shelf. Rak is quite simple but complete enough to be called as a shelf. The shelf is quite long with white color and can function as a variety of places. The top rack can be used as a desk or even a TV which is fantastic, the middle shelf can be used as a place to store your favorite DVD Player, and in the third part is a drawer that can be used to store all kinds of your needs. So, this shelf has three kinds of functions is as a desk, shelves, and drawers. Very simple and will certainly make your house cleaner because the wiring already in store in the right place, so it will not appear scattered on the floor of your TV room.

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