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Modern Soft Seat

September 20, 2011 By: septa Category: Chairs

contemporary chairs1 Modern Soft Seat

Modern chair that is soft and add beauty to your home interior. Designed by Lisa Widen for Design House Stockholm. The concept of this chair is a modern design with comfort when you wear it. The shape of this chair, like a cloud with the softness of fabric that provides comfort. A selected color in the form of neutral colors, this is due to this chair can be combined with the condition of the home room.

comfortable chairs Modern Soft Seat

Comfort of this chair you do not need to doubt it. In accordance with the initial concept of this chair provides comfort when we read or activity. In the minimalist room, these chairs will add to the beauty of the interior. By combining several different design styles with a collection of old furniture when processed in a smart design can make a strong character.

lounge chair Modern Soft Seat

A dwelling is usually a manifestation of the various desires of its inhabitants. In order for a dwelling was featured in the aesthetic and expressive then make it happen there must be courage to combine colors and patterns but still with a harmonious selection. Any kinds of colors and patterns also create a variety of responses by selecting the types of motifs and colors as well as adjust to the type of activities of people who wear them so that we can optimize the performance and comfort through the room.

modern minimalist chair Modern Soft Seat

modern soft chair Modern Soft Seat

modern soft seat Modern Soft Seat

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