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Modern Wood Chairs Basket

September 12, 2011 By: septa Category: Chairs

classic wooden chair Modern Wood Chairs Basket

Basket chairs on the curvature of timber usually made of rattan in order curvature can be set in such a way. But because of new technology with some of the techniques it used to be formed curved wood. There are several things that must be prioritized so that the wood can last a long time and can be curved shapes, among others, the selection of wood and wood cutting based on the texture. It is a virtue before starting the production process.

Modern Wood Chairs Basket Modern Wood Chairs Basket

Wood basket chair is required to aid media creation process, an example in this chair using iron stainless steel for linking to tension and compression on the circle. Some of the wooden slats are linked sequentially with some wood for the back. The chair is reminiscent of the methods rota chair ever known in Asia and become a trend in homes. We can put some of these chairs on the terrace, lounge, family room and living room. Classic and retro impression will complement your home interior.

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