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Motif Folding Chair

August 06, 2010 By: septa Category: Chairs

creative chair Motif Folding Chair

motif folding chair Motif Folding Chair

Ivo Otasevic is a Serbian architect who designed a multiform chair that, at the same time, is noted for its simplicity of design. a Chair is the name of the object that led Otasevic towards the lights of worldwide recognition in the last Design Fair of Milan. The young architect leads the Otako office, with headquarters in Belgrade and Moscow that besides developing projects of different scales, materializes furniture concepts that reveal a boundless creativity.
This chair is a compromise between an object of everyday use and art installation. Chair that is comfortable to sit on and which can be exposed as a sculpture in an inspiring space. The combination of colors and materials (wood, plastic,metal…) makes it a product in the concept store and a piece in the art gallery. Name, aCHAIR, comes from its spiral shape, which looks like a small letter “a”. It symbolizes an author’s wish to mark his first steps in a new, creative adventure of design.

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