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Rattan Chair Frame

September 09, 2010 By: septa Category: Chairs

Rattan Chair Frame Rattan Chair Frame

Jaime Hayon chair Rattan Chair Frame

Chairs will be exhibited at London Design Festival is a designer Jaime Hayon’s work for British companies. Frame on this chair is very beautiful with a shape that is proportional to distinguish its presence. At first glance if you saw him looking frame is made of rattan, but after you see more detail and hold a new chair will feel that this chair is made of paint coated steel pipe that resembles the color of rattan. On the back made higher is so that when we lean will feel relaxed and at ease. This chair is perfect placed on a less crowded space such as living room or terrace. In order for natural shades can look around the room you added on to the nuances of the countryside. via

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