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Red Hand Chairs

August 17, 2011 By: septa Category: Chairs

 Red Hand Chairs

Red Hand chair that makes everyone curious about the existence of small arms that are on the back. Designed by Oleksandr Shestakovych offer of a chair designed and made ??to express an idea. Not just the main attraction, the chair is able to hypnotize some people who see.

 Red Hand Chairs

This red hand chair as if to give warmth to anyone who sits in this chair. With simple shapes, this chair seemed to indicate a sense of comfort and making people sit longer in the hands of this red chair. You do not need to fear falling while sitting in this chair, because of its flexible and safe for all ages. For children this seat is quite safe and very interest them. This chair can also be put in the playroom children.

Red Hand Chairs Red Hand Chairs

 Red Hand Chairs

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  1. this is freaking sweet can i have it PLEase


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