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Rubik Cube Cabinet

January 09, 2011 By: septa Category: Cupboard

colorfull rubik cupboard Rubik Cube Cabinet

Rubik Cube Cabinet Rubik Cube Cabinet

rubik cupboard Rubik Cube Cabinet

You are a true fan of Rubik? Is it possible for you to make your rubik become one of the inspirations furniture design in one corner of your home? Rubik’s Cube Cabinet is one of furniture that can be selected. Rubik serves as a cabinet that opened if one side can be used to store your goods. Perhaps this rubik cabinets can not accommodate your goods too much, but enough to save the little knickknacks your goods, such as CD or collection of various kinds of your rubik. The colors are made just like the original Rubik make the Rubik is increasingly attracted the attention and certainly can provide the fun atmosphere in your home. The size of this Rubik Cube Cabinet 100x100x100cm. You can choose one color that can express your feelings today, but apparently the other day you change your mood you can choose the other colors. Quite easy to move and certainly quite practical.

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