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Safes Strong Cabinet

July 05, 2011 By: septa Category: Cupboard

cabinet furniture safes Safes Strong Cabinet

Safes strong cabinet which is used in every room of the house is usually made of wood and plastic. It is an inspiration of how you will make a powerful cabinet furniture safes. Habits of cabinets made of wood and plastic can be brittle with age because if it was longer then the strength of the cabinet will be reduced but this will not happen in this powerful cabinet safes. The design comes from Milan but has a contract with the Dutch brand. Selection of base materials that exist on the vault with a standard metal cabinets because the main function of this cabinet to store valuables. This furniture manufacture in bulk because the cabinet is much in demand by offices whose function is to store the archives to be stored in a cabinet job. Safes strong cabinet is indeed a best furniture and office essentials. To give an interesting view on the vault was given cabinet paint colors from Studio Job. The quality of color is given a high quality with a smooth and polished stainless steel on the outer layer of the closet.

Safes strong cabinet Safes Strong Cabinet

The first piece, “Job Cabinet”, is ready to be unveiled in Milan. The cabinet represents the perfect alchemy between the industrial product and the personal object: a standard metal cabinet, icon of mass production for office furniture, enhanced with a giant, polished bronze key! From now on, you can keep your valuables in a “Job Cabinet”. To celebrate the debut of the new partnership between Lensvelt and Studio Job.

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