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Simple Flexible Wooden Chairs

August 25, 2011 By: septa Category: Chairs

Simple Wooden Chairs Simple Flexible Wooden Chairs

Simple flexible wooden chair, designed by Timo Wong and Priscilla Lu from Viking Studio produces a work of upholstery fabric cushion. The chair is designed with emphasis on aspects of minimalist comfort and softness. The back looks just wood that curved because the moment you want to put this chair you do not have to bother to carry it.

Flexible seating suitable Simple Flexible Wooden Chairs

This simple flexible wood chairs have a touch of charm to the backrest. This chair has a soft texture of wood. Making this chair is hand-made works. Flexible seating suitable for your home when suddenly the arrival of guests. Simple and pleasing appearance make this chair can be combined in various interior of your home.

Flexible Wooden Chairs Simple Flexible Wooden Chairs

Freestyle owned this chair very closely with a grip that provides softness and warmth for those who use these chairs. Some minimalist chair has some similar criterion is a simple design but it can lure some of the elements of art which was offset by the value of your needs.

hand made wooden chair Simple Flexible Wooden Chairs

minimalist wooden chairs Simple Flexible Wooden Chairs

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