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Sofa Bunk Color

April 24, 2011 By: septa Category: Sofa

lounge sofa Sofa Bunk Color

sofa bed Sofa Bunk Color

Sofa Bunk Color Sofa Bunk Color

sofa color Sofa Bunk Color

Sofa which gives the value of beauty and function in a more highly preferred by the user. Sofas are small but can turn into such a big bed with ottoman set mounted above the floor. This is so that you can be more relaxed when enjoy this sofa. Sofa is designed by Susana Moreno, in the hands of this designer of this sofa is formed and produces beautiful work. You can also use colorful ottoman as a pillow. Bearings are given a colorful to give the impression of a cool and add a more colorful life.

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