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Sofa of Money Coins

January 02, 2011 By: septa Category: Sofa

metal sofa Sofa of Money Coins

Sofa of Money Coins Sofa of Money Coins

sofa richest Sofa of Money Coins

unique plush sofa1 Sofa of Money Coins

What if you are sitting on thousands of coins? Could it be? Maybe you do not believe it. But this is trying to set forth and manifested visually by Johnny Swing. Money can make life beautiful in many ways. Money itself to make happy, but how much money you have? The value of different currencies and different dimensions are collected and become a work of art of high-value mix of modern classics. Sitting on the sofa section and smooth it, make you feel glamorous, luxurious, and become king and queen of the richest. To produce these high-value work, takes a long time. All coins are welded on a steel bottom half shaped sofa. Ready to realize the dream of becoming king and queen of the richest?

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