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Many Forms of Unusual Christmas Tree

January 15, 2011 By: septa Category: Uncategorized

Many Forms of  Unusual  Christmas Tree

Normally a Christmas tree is always full of gifts and of course because the lush green leaves. Yet another case with the designer John Galliano, he made a Christmas tree is not as usual. He was first asked by Christian Dior’s creative director to make an unusual Christmas decoration as a symbol of the holiday […]

Christmas Candle Decorations

December 04, 2010 By: septa Category: Uncategorized

Christmas Candle Decorations

The use of candles is never released in the Christmas tradition in many countries. Decorations candles always used when Christmas arrived. This is due to the lighting of candles signifying the birth of Jesus and the resurrection of new life is the force that nspired millions of people to start a holy life. Christmas tradition […]

Relax Chair with Media Readers Save

October 12, 2010 By: septa Category: Chairs

Relax Chair with Media Readers Save

Designer Christian Piccolo designing a comfortable lounge chair that makes you lazy. Chairs made of metal and a soft cushion to sit. The chair consists of an adjustable footrest according to height and simple storage rack with lights inside. This chair is one solution you can consider because it can be placed on the narrow […]

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