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Furniture Design Idea

Two in One Bench

February 15, 2011 By: septa Category: Chairs

multifunction bench Two in One Bench

simple flat bench Two in One Bench

two in one bench Two in One Bench

wooden bench Two in One Bench

The first stool is made of white oak. The choice of material for the second stool was driven by the intention of creating a volume that would contrast with the idea and feel of nothingness. For this, Antimatter utilizes concrete, a material that has a strong visual impact both in space and time. Antimatter is a seating system that consists of two stools, one of which also serves as storage. One stool takes its form from the materialization of the negative space beneath the other. Primarily used as a second stool, it also becomes a container, easily accessible by removing the lid. In this way, the use of negative space enriches the basic use of the object.

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