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Unique Animal Table

April 25, 2012 By: septa Category: Tables

Animal Table Unique Animal Table

Unique animal table are a quite interesting alternative to a simple table design. A transparent glass table top is pierced by the body of an animal, making it look like the “beast” is emerging out of the water. There are different versions available, like Hippo “The Lad” Coffee Table, Hippo Mother and Baby Coffee Table, the Bronze Rhino Table, the table depicting an elephant or the one adorning the glass table top with a dog. They all look like coming out of the water, except for the rhino, who apparently feel better under water.

Coffee Table Unique Animal Table

The one representing the mother and baby hippo raising their heads above the waterline captures an infinite love between the new born and the one who gave it life. In each table sculpture, the designer bolted the animal to the glass surface, securing it with handmade PTF grommets. Mark also produces bespoke pieces and even your beloved animal can be replicated in bronze to be displayed in your home.

Hippo Coffee Table Unique Animal Table

modern animal table Unique Animal Table

transparent glass table Unique Animal Table

unique table Unique Animal Table

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