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Unique Wooden Chairs for Relaxing

February 24, 2013 By: septa Category: Chairs

Wooden Lounge Chair Design Unique Wooden Chairs for Relaxing

This chair is made of sheets of wood are arranged in such a way by using screws to form a chair aesthetically. This unique chair using the natural color of wood and not using finishing materials that are harmful. Wooden chairs can also be separated easily with screw used. Although the seat assembly using the screws but still powerful when used. This allows the owner to dismantle his and wood of the chair can use for other stuff when you are bored with this chair so you do not need to buy more wood.

Sheets main buffer seat is made from wood that is thicker than the other parts. So it is still strong enough to accommodate the weight of the person sitting. While other parts using thin wood making it more flexible and able to follow the shape of the body during use. Look at the shape of this unique chair, shaped like a human body when sitting make this lounge chair is comfortable to use relaxing.

Unique Wooden Chaise Lounge with green code Unique Wooden Chairs for Relaxing

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