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Unusual Chairs Multipurpose Table

December 13, 2010 By: septa Category: Tables

chair table unique Unusual Chairs Multipurpose Table

Unusual Chairs Multipurpose table Unusual Chairs Multipurpose Table

Few people think to make the seat into one with a desk, and make the whole component. As always we know that the table is usually located together with the chair. But what if the furniture is combined? There is no harm in trying this because it was something unusual was quite beautiful and very functional. UNStudio answer your questions about this unusual case. Its foundation is to unite form and function without compromising the aesthetics of a form. This approach is quite simple but very modern to sit at the table. This table and chair hybrid forms exist in two versions, a small oak wood version with a chair and white version was greater with two seats. From here the course of communication needs will be more fun. For a table leg made of braided steel rod which has high artistic value, while the top is a mix of old oak with wood or HPL vener white with white veneers.

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