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White Chair Backlight

February 11, 2011 By: septa Category: Chairs

glow in the dark chair1 White Chair Backlight

modern led chair White Chair Backlight

White chair backlight White Chair Backlight

White chair in front of you this would you think is just an ordinary wooden white chairs. But that’s wrong, why? The chair is actually very special and a brilliant idea. This chair turned out to have a unique design that rests on the back part there is a lamp that you can use as a beautiful lighting in your room. Although you would think this is a complicated work, but it does not look like it because the seat is designed with a very simple and modern. Guaranteed you will not be left behind fashion. How does this chair can be lit? The secret contained in the side seat. On the back of the seat mounted side lights wired so that lights can match the color you like.

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