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Wooden Cafe Chairs

August 06, 2010 By: septa Category: Chairs

wooden cafe chair Wooden Cafe Chairs

Here on Freshome we love innovative & unusual things, and Kamilla Lang’s ‘Cafe’ chair is a really good

example. Reminiscent of a classic chair/desk combination’s often found in high schools, Kamilla Lang’s

‘Cafe’ chair is a highly modern interpretation, elegantly envisioned and executed. The chair seamlessly

blends form with function, with a single piece of curved wood serving as leg, back, and an armrest that

serves as a surface for small items. Despite its modernism, Lang’s ‘Cafe’ chair invokes beautiful designs of

decades past. From the pictures I can say that this piece is just a concept right now, but a concept that I

would really want to see it live. – Via – DT

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