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Wooden Pony Chair

July 13, 2011 By: septa Category: Chairs

French chairs Wooden Pony Chair

Pony wooden chairs made of either wood base has a shape with many functions. Wooden pony chair is designed with backrest slides that can be flipped 90 degrees to the desk surface for writing, using a laptop or a meal. Wooden pony chair was designed by French designer Matali Crasset named. For those of you who like the simplicity of the furniture in the house without leaving the chair at the same time function can serve as this table may be the solution. With natural colors combined with the colors that are attached to the natural elements of wood chairs make a pony can be placed in each room such as waiting rooms, relaxation center, or an informal meeting place in the office interior and space.It’s a tool for managing the annulment of limits between work and private life, for welcoming new technological tools which come with both.

double side chairs Wooden Pony Chair

It guaranties action but in a less formal and more provisional way, like balancing life and work and manage at the same time 2 distinct situations.It’s a new typology of products which breaks the codes of traditional living based on the idea of life borrowed from the bourgeois model which by now is outdated and does not adapt itself to everyday life but continues despite this to influence the space with rigid models and preconceptions, filling it with elements which represents a status more than a real need.

unique chairs Wooden Pony Chair

versatile chair Wooden Pony Chair

wood chairs Wooden Pony Chair

wooden chairs many functions Wooden Pony Chair

Wooden pony chair Wooden Pony Chair

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